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Thrilled to have some new Sherry at the shop. Because this is a Manzanilla style sherry it is dry and very light in body (but not flavor!). Basically, the climate of this little town in Jerez is perfect for the production of delicate and nuanced sherries. It has notes of lemon, almond, fennel, pear drop, yeast and bees wax. The palate is refreshing - pair with a charcuterie board - so much salty HAM!
Spain » Andalusia » Jerez-Xeres-Sherry, Fortified, with a community rating of 91/100
Erik Mercier added a rating for Radikon Oslavje.
Let's talk weird wine! This is a blend of Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Ribolla from northern Italy. Unlike most whites, it is aged on the skins giving it both a deeper color and tannin. It is then kept in old oak barrels for over three years followed by at least a year in the bottle. Speaking of the bottle, it has a really tiny cork to prevent any additional oxygen from getting in meaning this wine will age. Crisp but grippy. Notes of seaweed, papaya, burnt lemon, marmalade, pine nuts.
Italy » Veneto, 2005, with a community rating of 91/100
Wicked little wine from the Jura in France. It's a pale gold in the glass. The nose is reminiscent of apple butter, lilac and honey. The palate has well placed acidity and a creaminess. Additionally, the palate shows signs of riper fruit like peach. Great value and would go well with almost any dinner.
France » Jura, 2008, with a community rating of 90/100
Erik Mercier added a rating for Vineland.
Easy alternative to Pinot Noir. Bright and fresh with lots of brambly fruit and floral notes. Light in body but not in flavors - even does well slightly chilled. Serve with roast chicken and root veggies or even delicately spiced foods.
Canada » Ontario » Niagara Peninsula, 2011, Pinot Meunier, with a community rating of 89/100
Erik Mercier added a rating for Xavier Vacqueyras.
So huge! Probably the most luxurious Vacqueyras I've ever tasted. Super rich and fruity on the palate. Lots of dark berry fruit, stewed plums and dates on the nose with a meaty quality bringing up the rear. Violets and bacon fat. Drink now or age for the next ten years!
France » Rhône, 2010, with a community rating of 90/100
Ever heard of the Pfalz before? That's alright, you're not the only one. It's one of Germany's many unsung heroes of Riesling. Because of it's relative lack of fame it offers great value and an opportunity to support the underdogs. It is light and fresh with just a kiss of sweetness - it is not sugary by any stretch of the imagination. Think peach and apricot with a honey lemon undertone. Super zesty on the palate - and ideal pairing for almost anything.
Germany » Pfalz, 2011, Riesling, with a community rating of 90/100
Abstract tasting notes: Sepia toned, like an old faded polaroid - yet still glossy in the light. Apple butter sitting on a freshly sanded table. Memories of sponge taffy yet sugarless. Mixed nuts toasting in an old wood burning oven. A pretty lady forgot her knit sweater at your house - wool and glimpses of day old spiced perfume and smiles. Fells like being embraced compassionately from the inside.
France » Burgundy (Bourgogne), 2011, with a community rating of 95/100
A lot of people spend a ton of money trying to get their hands on the original super Tuscans like Ornellaia and Sassicaia but there are deals to be had even in this prestigious category. Michele Satta is one of the godfathers of this style on the Tuscan coast and his wines are spectacular. This is a blend of local grapes (Sangiovese) and classic Bordeaux grapes (Merlot etc). It has dark blackberry and Cassis flavors layered with smoky leather. Lifted floral characteristics and sour cherry a/w
Community rating: 93/100
This wine is a titan! If you're on the hunt for a wine that delivers intensity and concentration like no other yet retains poise, finesse and intrigue, this is on the money. Made in Umbria, the only landlocked region in Italy, from a rare traditional grape called Sagrantino, this wine could age in your cellar for 20 years easily. Notes of black cherry, coffee, licorice, tar and roses. Extremely high tannin tamed by supple dark fruit characteristics.
Italy, Sagrantino, with a community rating of 92/100
Erik Mercier updated notes for Foradori Teroldago.
Biggest surprise of my week! Opened the bottle with vague preconceived notions about Teroldago - a grape I had only tried once before. After pouring the wine into a decanter I was incredibly disappointed; the wine seemed neutral and mute so I went back to cooking. Came back about an hour later and the wine was singing! Intense notes of rum soaked raisins, huckle and brambleberries, and this decidedly creamy component. Couldn't imagine a better pairing for the shortribs I had. Full Ganst
Italy » Trentino-Alto Adige, 2010, with a community rating of 93/100
Erik Mercier added a rating for Maestria Madiran.
I believe this is the first wine from the Madiran we've ever carried! This region is located just south of Bordeaux in France. It is often considered a Bordeaux lookalike because it contains some of the same grapes and has tons of huge bold flavors. This particular example is 70% Tannat and 30% Cab Lots of black fruit flavors on the nose like black cherry, blue berry, blackberry, cassis, granite and cigar smoke. Exceptional Value and universally appealing!
France » Madiran, 2011, with a community rating of 89/100
Unlike most wines, this one does not have a specific vintage. Instead of being made from the grapes harvested in one single year, it is a blend of Granache from every year since 1999. This peculiar process adds the complexity of older wines yet maintains the freshness and vibrancy of young wine. Deep purple in the glass, the suggests stewed plums, black cherries, nutmeg and licorice. It has a ton of body to back up those big flavors and supple tannins - drink this with pork, lamb or even stew.
France » Rhône, with a community rating of 89/100
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